3441 N. Vancouver Ave. Portland, OR 97227 ,
Call In Orders Are Welcomed
Delivery service for $20.00 plus $3.00 fee

Sea Verdes’s is an oasis in the middle of inner Portland’s food dessert. Sea 
Verdes’s welcomes all people with any dietary request who desire for healthier, 
flavorful, seafood and fresh organic salads as an alternative to fast food. Good food 
on the go!

Fresh Salads(half/Full) ($3.50/$5.50)
Organic Romaine lettuce and rainbow kale croutons, dressed with Parmesan cheese, fresh 
lemon juice and olive oil.
Organic Mixed spring greens with your selections of toppings
Thai Beef $6.50
Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, yellow onion, cucumber, and basil

Salad toppers: 
Shrimp 7(pcs) $3.50
Tilapia 1(pcs) $3.75
Alaska Salmon (4oz) $6.00
Includes one choice of Salad dressing:Ranch, Caesar, blue cheese, Italian, balsamic 
Vinaigrette and poppy seed

Shrimp & Pasta $8.00
Cooked with organic basil, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, olive oil and lemon 
Tilapia (2pcs) $8.00
Cooked with organic basil, tomatoes, spinach, garlic and lemon (served with rice)
Steamed Mussels & Shrimp (served with rice) $9.00
Steamed with tomatoes and organic spinach, fresh squeezed, olive oil and white zinfandel

Crispy Seafood (All items served with rice)
Oysters(6pcs) $8.00 / (10pcs) $10.00
Seasoned & cooked with yellow cornmeal and unbleached flour
Catfish (6pcs) $8.00
Seasoned & cooked with yellow cornmeal and unbleached flour
Tilapia (2pcs) $5.50 / (3pcs) & $7.25
Seasoned & cooked with yellow cornmeal and unbleached flour

Sea Verdes Specials 
Half Caesar or Garden salad with tuna melt sandwich $6.50
Grilled Cheese Tuna Melt with kale greens $5.75
Albacore tuna placed on Dave’s Killer whole grain Bread with provolone cheese
Salmon Croquettes (3pcs) $5.00 
Made from scratch with onion, parsley, egg wash and wild Alaska Salmon, whole grain 

Macaroni N cheese $2.00
Kale greens $2.00
Cup of rice $1.50

Green Smoothies (160z) made with spinach & kale
Protein Mixer $3.00
Almond milk, bananas, strawberries and peanut butter
Tropical Sunrise $3.00
Apples, pineapple, oranges, bananas, and grapefruit juice
Mixed Berry $3.00
Almond milk, dark cherries, bananas and mixed berries 

Banana pudding cups $3.00
A variety of cheese cakes a slice $3.00

Water with diced cucumbers $1.50
Kya’s house Cherry lemonade $2.50

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